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Preservation Month: Greenbelt's Civic & Commercial Buildings

Let's look at the buildings of Greenbelt, Maryland's historic civic and commercial core! First up is the Community Center, completed in 1937 and considered one of the finest Streamline Moderne art deco civic buildings in the region.

Another example of Streamline Moderne art deco architecture in Greenbelt, Maryland is the Center (now Roosevelt Center). Completed in 1937, the Center is at the heart of historic Greenbelt and home to the Greenbelt Co-op Supermarket & Pharmacy and other businesses.

Another Art Deco gem in Greenbelt's historic center is the Swimming Pool, completed in 1939 and the first public pool in Prince George's County, MD. It was considered unusual then for housing projects for lower- to moderate-income families to have one.

Completed in 1938, the Art Deco Greenbelt Theatre underwent a major restoration in 2014-15. Originally a co-op, it is now a nonprofit theater operated by Friends of Greenbelt Theatre that shows the latest films and holds screenings and events.

Our Museum is part of a larger community filled with fantastic examples of art deco architecture and the residents that love them!

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