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Archives at the Greenbelt Museum

The Greenbelt Museum maintains a professional archive comprised of a variety of records covering approximately 1937 through the present day, with the bulk of the records ranging from the late 1930s to the late 1950s.  Included in the collection are flyers, articles, pamphlets, leases, deeds, community documents, cooperative-related items such as stock, yearbooks, postcards, maps, newspaper clippings, photographs, etc.  Information on the development of the Greenbelt Museum is also contained in this collection. 













We are in the process of digitizing materials from the archive, so please check back for more! 

At the present time, the archive is accessible by appointment only, but this will change once the Museum has completed our expansion to 10A Crescent Road. To make an inquiry or an appointment, please email Megan Searing Young, Museum Director, at

Pamphlet advertising Charlestowne Village in Greenbelt, MD. Greenbelt Museum Collection

charlestowne village_0002 smaller.jpg

Springhill Lake garden apartments postcard, c. 1965. Greenbelt Museum Collection

Donating to the Greenbelt Museum Archives

If you have any photographs or any of the items listed above and interested in donating them to the Greenbelt Museum, please contact Megan Searing Young, Museum Director, at

Areas of particular interest that we are looking out for:

- Records, photographs and information related to Greenbelt's African American history

- Information about workers on the Greenbelt Project

- Any records of information about the selection process for Greenbelt families

- School integration and busing in Greenbelt

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