About the 10A Crescent Project

The Friends of the Greenbelt Museum Board (FOGM) and museum staff are hard at work planning the transformation of 10A Crescent (the home on the right in the photo) from a residence to a Visitor and Education Center. The new center will be established at 10A Crescent, the unit next door to the Museum’s historic house.


The former home of the Dwyer family, long-time residents of Greenbelt, 10A Crescent is directly next door to the Museum's historic house. The City of Greenbelt purchased the home in early 2016 and FOGM is currently fundraising so that the transformation can begin.

Future Site of the the Greenbelt Museum Visitor and Education Center

Transforming 10A

The City and FOGM's goal is to establish a Greenbelt Education and Visitor Center at 10A Crescent, next door to the historic house at 10B Crescent. Since the museum's founding in 1987 as a partnership between the City and FOGM, it has always needed more space for on-site programming. The proposed plan is for 10A Crescent to have exhibit space, a hands-on learning lab, an archives reading room, office space, a gift shop, and a fully accessible first floor restroom and entrance. 10A will also allow the consolidation of museum functions, which are now split between the Museum house and offices, archives, and collections storage located in the Community Center. FOGM will be largely responsible for raising the funds to transform 10A. They have thus far raised $200,000 in the quiet phase of a capital campaign. The proposed plans were developed in consultation first with Neighborhood Design Center who held visioning sessions with the community, and currently with Old Line Architects. Both firms were approved by City Council. FOGM and city staff have also met with technical services staff of Greenbelt Homes, Inc., who are the property owners, (the city owns the perpetual right to occupy the space as per the cooperative’s language) to discuss what is possible within the guidelines of the housing cooperative, including a potential addition on the gardenside of 10A. The City has not yet begun the permitting process with GHI or the county, but will do so when architectural plans are approved by City Council.

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Interior of 10A.jpg

10A interior, upstairs bedroom awaiting renovation. 


10A interior, current first floor restroom. which is not ADA compliant.

Give Today to 10A!

With your support, the Greenbelt Museum can achieve its goal of transforming 10A into a new Education and Visitor Center. This expansion will allow us to bring you more programming and share the stories of Greenbelt's history and community in new and exciting ways. In addition to regular donations, we are also accepting donation pledges as well. 

Naming Opportunities

The Friends of the Greenbelt Museum, Inc. is seeking major donors who wish to give significant contributions to fund exhibit design and construction in the new Greenbelt Museum Visitor and Education Center, and have their names affixed to one of the Museum’s newly expanded spaces. Not often do benefactors get such meaningful opportunities to see their names in an inspiring community building and, by doing so, achieve public recognition of their generosity and community spirit. Your gift will be celebrated at the Greenbelt Museum’s Visitor and Education Center formal grand opening and naming ceremony. Here is a current list of available naming opportunities. 

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Tax Credit Program

As of January 2020 our tax credit program has ended. Thank you to all of our donors!

The FOGM Board is pleased to announce that the organization was selected to participate in the State of Maryland’s Community Investment Tax Credit Program. If you donate $500-$2,500 towards the 10A project, you may be eligible to receive a state income tax credit worth 50% of your donation. However, there are a limited number of tax credits available, so please contact us today if you are interested in contributing, 301-507-6582 or director@greenbeltmuseum.org

With your support, the Greenbelt Museum can achieve its goals of expanding and transforming 10A!

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