Celebrate Labor Day 2019 with the Greenbelt Museum!

Saturday, August 31

Walking Tour

Saturday, August 31, 9am
10B Crescent Rd. 

Join the Greenbelt Museum for a free history-filled walking tour. The tour will leave from the museum’s Historic House at 10B Crescent Road. Learn about Greenbelt’s unique design and why the community is a National Historic Landmark.  The tour is free but space is limited and will leave promptly at 9am. Please note: in the event of inclement weather, the tour will be cancelled. 

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2019 Printable Weekend Guide

Sunday, September 1

Historic House Tour

Sunday, September 1, 1pm - 5pm

10B Crescent Rd.

The Historic House will be open for FREE! Take a peek into life in Greenbelt during the 1930s New Deal era and see how Greenbelt's families lived back then.

Stop by and see it for yourself and maybe find something special in our gift shop!

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Retro Town Fair

Sunday, September 1, 2pm-4pm

10B Crescent Rd.

It is time for the Retro Town Fair! The Fair will take place on the grounds of the Museum house at 10B Crescent. Our Retro Town Fair is much like those the earliest Greenbelters enjoyed starting in 1939. Ribbons will be awarded for the best entries in a number of categories: flowers, vegetables, baked goods, canned goods and needlework/sewing. Or bring an item for our Legacy Handcraft Exhibition! These are items that are heirloom handcrafts made by an entrant, or by a family member, more than 10 years ago. Please include relevant information about the item (note cards will be provided). We’ll have an area inside 10A Crescent where they will be displayed. These items will not be judged, they are for exhibit only. 

All entries accepted 10am-11:30am and must be accompanied by a completed submission form. Entries will be on display from 1-4pm. All items must be picked up between 4-5pm. Questions? Please email or call Education and Volunteer Coordinator, Sheila Maffay-Tuthill at education@greenbeltmuseum.org or 240-542-2064. This event will go on rain or shine!

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Print and fill out your Retro Fair entry form HERE and bring it with you! 


Monday, September 2

Historic House Tours

Monday, September 2, 11am - 2pm

10B Crescent Rd.

Immediately following the parade, stop by the Museum house for a free tour. The Historic House will be open FREE of charge! The Greenbelt Museum's Historic House has been restored and furnished with objects from the period 1937-1952.

Museum Exhibit: “The Knowing Hands That Carve This Stone:  The New Deal Art of Lenore Thomas Straus”


Monday-Saturday 9am-10pm

Sunday 9am-7pm.

Greenbelt Community Center, 1st floor

15 Crescent Rd.

Visit our ongoing exhibit on display in the Museum Gallery in the Community Center.