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From the Director: #WeAreGreenbeltHistory

Did you know Greenbelt has a museum?

We are often surprised at how many people have expressed that they did not and that is something that we definitely would like to change! Especially as the Greenbelt Museum is the official museum of Greenbelt, Maryland. We not only act as a repository and archive for its Historic Greenbelt core, but also for all of Greenbelt, including Greenbelt East and Greenbelt West. We are your museum. We want to hear your stories. We want your Greenbelt- and New Deal era-related items and materials (if you're ready to part with them!)

So what exactly does the Greenbelt Museum do? We consist of the Historic House at 10B Crescent, where we give tours of a 1937 home and walking tours of the Historic Greenbelt community. Next door to the Historic House is 10A Crescent, future home of our Education & Visitors Center. 10A Crescent will be a location that will not only increase our ability to offer more programming at the Historic House, but will also act as a first stop for finding out more about Greenbelt as a whole.

We are also the primary archive and historical repository and resource for Greenbelt's past. If you need to conduct research and would like to access the archive, you may make an appointment to peruse our collection consisting of items and documents such as photographs, maps, yearbooks, and past Greenbelt News-Review issues. In addition, we field research questions from all over the world.

We also offer special programs throughout the year from our free quarterly Lecture Series to special events such as Hands-On History Day, Retro Town Fair and Deco the Halls.

We are in a public-private partnership that consists of the City of Greenbelt and the nonprofit Friends of the Greenbelt Museum. Because the museum is not fully funded by the city, your support is invaluable to us. Help us help you to tell Greenbelt's story. To stay in the loop of all of the exciting things that we are doing, please join our email mailing list or consider becoming a member!

Megan Searing Young is the Director of The Greenbelt Museum and Historic House in Greenbelt, Maryland. If you have questions or want to share more with us about Greenbelt's history, please feel free to send her an email or give us a call. You can follow her on Twitter at @msearingyoung.

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