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Labor Day with the Greenbelt Museum

The Greenbelt Museum had a busy Labor Day weekend filled with activities and events as part of festivities! The Historic House was open for tours, such as this one led by docent Sandra Lange...

Visitors also had a chance to stop by and/or participate in our Greenbelt Museum Retro Town Fair on the grounds of the Historic House. Our Retro Town Fair is much like those that the earliest Greenbelters enjoyed starting in 1939. Ribbons were awarded for the best entries in a number of categories: flowers, vegetables, baked goods, canned goods, and needlework/sewing. We also introduced a new "Legacy" handcraft category that showcased works created by entrants or their family members over 10 years ago.

Participants won ribbons for their creations, such as this Grand Champion mock apple pie by Maggie Cornett. You can find some of the recipes to try them out for yourself here.

Thanks to all of the participants and to all of our visitors who stopped through!

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