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Mapping Racism Lecture

As part of our Fall Greenbelt Museum Lecture Series, on Oct. 17 we presented a lecture by Stuart Eisenberg of the Hyattsville CDC (HCDC) to speak about their "Mapping Racism" project. Mapping Racism was a multi-faceted project that examined the historic use of racially-restricted deed covenants in the area.Mapping Racism employed dance, theatrical experiences and a series of workshops to focus on remnant, built structures with legacies of segregation and speaks to how local communities coped with them.

Eisenberg shared primary source materials and photographs to illustrate the systemic methods use to segregate and divide communities such as Hyattsville and spoke to Greenbelt's own segregated past and the efforts to change it.

Sponsored by the Friends of the Greenbelt Museum and the City of Greenbelt.

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