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The Historic House Was Closed in January...Why?

The Greenbelt Museum Historic House was closed for the month of January. Since we are about to re-open tomorrow, we thought we'd tell you why!

The Historic House closes annually for the entire month of January and according to Director Megan Searing Young, we close it for the following reasons:

1. We tracked visitation and found that it was the lowest in January. We only opened it by appointment only, so that tour groups and visitors could still enjoy it.

2. Unpredictable weather! Winter weather can often mean closures during the month.

3. We use the time to do docent training! It's a chance for our dedicated volunteer docents to have a break and for us to catch them up on the latest research we're doing, tech we're using, and project progress with the Museum and FOGM. We appreciate everything that they do and we couldn't do it without them! Here's a photo from our most recent one last week:

4. We use it as an opportunity to change our seasonal displays, clean, perform maintenance and rearranging of artifacts and furniture. When we open on Sunday, we'll have our Valentine's Day decorations out and hope that you'll enjoy them.

So there you have it! The Historic House opens again tomorrow, Feb. 3 and we hope that you'll come by for a visit! See you then!

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