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Women's History Month: Catherine Bauer

As part of on ongoing celebration of Women's History Month and the women who have been important to Greenbelt's history, let's talk about the only woman acknowledged as a consultant on the 1937 Greenbelt project: social housing advocate and professor of city and regional planning Catherine Bauer (Wurster)!

She was friends with Man Ray and Léger, and influenced by leading Modernist social architects Le Corbusier and Walter Gropius. Her time in Europe informed her progressive thinking about social housing and policy.

A "houser," Bauer believed in the connection between housing, planning, and change. An advisor to many presidents, Bauer wrote the 1934 book Modern Housing and was a co-author of the 1937 Housing Act.

Originally posted March 16, 2018. To see the original thread on Twitter, please click here. Follow us at @greenbeltmuseum.

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