African American History Month: Aberdeen Gardens

Another African American New Deal community in our region is Aberdeen Gardens in Hampton, VA. Originally named Newport News Homesteads, Hampton University sponsored its establishment in 1934. It was completed in 1937, the same year as Greenbelt.

Aberdeen Gardens (photo: Library of Congress)

Aberdeen Gardens was designed by Hilyard Robinson, architect of DC’s Langston Terrace Dwellings, for local defense workers. It is the last intact Resettlement Administration community in the U.S. that was built by African Americans for African Americans.

A young couple moves into Aberdeen Gardens 1937

Like Greenbelt, Aberdeen Gardens also had a Co-Op market. As a Subsistence Homestead community, members could sell produce and other goods there that they grew or made themselves.

1937 Aberdeen Gardens homesteader. photo Library of Congress

Still vibrant, Aberdeen Gardens maintains a historic house museum that offers tours of the house and neighborhood. For more information about this unique community, please visit the Aberdeen Gardens Museum site and watch this video:

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