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Women's History Month: Eleanor Roosevelt

For Women's History Month, let's talk about the women who have been important to the history of Greenbelt, Maryland! Let's start with First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, one of the town's biggest champions.

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Photo: Library of Congress.

In 1937, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt made a surprise visit to Greenbelt. She believed decent housing and nurturing family environments were basic rights. She wrote a letter to President Roosevelt to intercede and complete the town as planned.

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt visits Greenbelt, 1937. Photo: Library of Congress.

Mrs. Roosevelt visited Greenbelt again in 1942 to speak at a defense rally to help raise funds for medical equipment and supplies. The Greenbelt resident that she is with is unknown, so if you recognize her, please contact us!

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt visits Greenbelt, 1942

Originally posted March 9, 2018. To see the original thread on Twitter, please click here. Follow us at @greenbeltmuseum.

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