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#MuseumFromHome 10 Towns That Changed America

If you're anything like me, you have a long list of articles, shows, movies, books, and podcasts that you missed but would love to catch up on. Maybe the series, 10 That Changed America, produced by Chicago public television station WTTW was one you missed -? The section on Greenbelt was both informative and entertaining. It was summer time the day the team came to film in Greenbelt (part of the 10 Towns That Changed America grouping) and it was incredibly hot! Nonetheless, Mary Corbin Sies, University of Maryland Professor of American Studies, Greenbelt scholar and resident was a trooper as she was interviewed in various places around town. Despite filming for the entire day, the Greenbelt segment is only about five minutes long. Watch it here! Sies, along with Isabelle Gournay, a University of Maryland Professor Emeritus and also a Greenbelt resident, have collaborated frequently on published pieces covering Greenbelt history - stay tuned, as we'll cover some of those in upcoming #MuseumFromHome entries!

One other episode in the WTTW series that might be of particular interest has a section about Langston Terrace. This one was part of the 10 Homes That Changed America grouping. In addition to towns and homes, there are also 10 buildings, parks, streets, monument, and modern marvels as part of the series. Let us know what you think of the Greenbelt part. I thought it emphasized Clarence Stein's influence a bit too much, but that's just my opinion!

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