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Black History Month #13 - National Public Housing Museum

Did you know there is a National Public Housing Museum based in Chicago? We've followed the progress of this fascinating organization for years as they've grown. The Green Towns project of which Greenbelt was a part, was one of the US government's first forays into public housing. The NPHM is devoted to preserving the histories of everyone who lived in public housing, not just those of Black families, but they have incorporated themes of social justice, housing discrimination, and inequality into their mission. From their website:

"Visitors will participate in discussions of social justice issues and current campaigns related to housing to encourage their own action and meaningful civic dialogue. The Museum will enable people to understand principles of urban planning and systemic racism in order to find new ways of approaching and addressing segregation. Visitors will learn to challenge perceptions of what public housing was and is in order to reimagine the future of housing for all."

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