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Greenbelt: The First 75 Years1937-2012

This exhibit was part of the city's 75th anniversary. It offered an overview of the history of Greenbelt’s first 75 years in the form of a timeline, allowing viewers to experience significant moments, wherever possible, through the words and photographs of Greenbelters themselves. Below decade-specific graphic panels, an interactive feature enabled visitors to add their own photographs, memories and/or reminiscences to the timeline. Audio recordings and interactives for children were also included. Themes explored included Greenbelt’s steady growth from a model of modern town planning to a thriving suburban city; racial discourse; religious integration; sustainability; and historic preservation. The exhibit, however, rather than exclusively looking back, also attempted to capture the present, diverse population in the community and what the citizens of Greenbelt themselves envision for their community in the coming years.

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