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How the New Deal Transformed Greater Washington

On June 6, the Greenbelt Museum hosted a virtual panel talk that explored how the New Deal transformed the greater Washington area through parks, buildings, bridges, art, housing, and more! Speakers Richard Walker, executive director of the Living New Deal project, Isabelle Gournay, Architectual Historian, and Brent McKee, Living New Deal, Project Historian each spoke about the massive influence that the New Deal had on the architecture, infrastructure, and public art in Washington and in the greater Washington area.

The Living New Deal has published a map showing the contribution of the New Deal to Washington DC. A large-format map that folds to pocket size, it locates over 500 New Deal public works sites around the District of Columbia and highlights 34 notable sites, with descriptions on the back.

This talk was offered in conjunction with the Living New Deal Project and cosponsored by the Art Deco Society of Washington. It was recorded and will be available on the Museum's YouTube channel soon.

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