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Black History Month #19 - Regina's Black History Artifacts Pop-up Museum

Did you have a chance to see Regina Shaw Small's Black History Artifacts Pop-up Museum that was on display in the Greenbelt Community Center? Ms. Small has assembled a sweeping and comprehensive collection that covers historically Black figures, Black inventions, Black artifacts, now & then collectibles and much more. If you've ever assembled any kind of display, you know how much work this is and if you haven't - we are here to tell you that it takes an immense amount of planning, research, and perseverance! Her excellent display kicked off Greenbelt's Black History Month celebration that was organized by Greenbelt's Black History and Culture Committee. Take a few minutes to watch this short film that was produced by Greenbelt Access Television (GATE) and as Ms. Small says, if you learn one thing today from her display, share it!

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