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Book A Greenbelt Airbnb Experience

Discover Greenbelt, City of Tomorrow!

If you are in the Greenbelt area, you can book an Airbnb Experience and go on special tours up to 15 persons. You don't have to be staying in an Airbnb home to book it. Anyone can! Join Greenbelt Museum staff for a unique trip through New Deal history. The event will begin with a look inside the Greenbelt Museum Historic House with director Megan Searing Young and Education Coordinator Sheila Maffay-Tuthill. The House tour is followed by a walking tour of the community that includes Greenbelt's iconic pathways, underpasses, and super blocks, as well as a visit to Roosevelt Center--earliest shopping centers--and the Greenbelt Community Center--an original school building turned community center complete with social realist sculpture by little known WPA artist Lenore Thomas Straus.

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