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If you enjoy history, love retro items, or if you’re in the neighborhood and want to shop local, stop by the gift shop at the Greenbelt Museum Historic House! We have books, collectibles, mugs, special items and retro toys for that perfect gift (or splurge for yourself!)


Our small gift shop is located next to our historic house at 10B Crescent Road but is currently closed as due to COVID-19.

The Greenbelt Museum is operated as a partnership between the City of Greenbelt and the nonprofit Friends of the Greenbelt Museum, your purchases help to support the nonprofit!  Shop local! Thank you! 

You can also shop online at our Zazzle store

Shopping on

You can help to support the Friends of the Greenbelt Museum through the Amazon Smile program. Click here to learn more. It's easy! Or simply click through our links here to get to the Amazon items we've featured. We are an affiliate and will receive a small commission from Amazon as a result. Thank you!

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