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Greenbelt Day at the Greenbelt Museum!

Saturday, June 2, 1-3 pm

Greenbelt Museum Historic House

10B  Crescent Road

Greenbelt, MD 20770

On Saturday June 2, 1-3pm the Greenbelt Museum presented a special family program marking Greenbelt’s rich history of new citizens being embraced by the community. We read aloud from several oral histories, viewed some early Greenbelt photographs, and discussed how it would feel to be moving into a brand new town. Next, we explored people from other parts of the world moving here and becoming citizens. Participants learned about what it takes to become a US citizen, and tried their hand at a few questions from the citizenship test! Finally, we will made Greenbelt Flags for everyone to take home. All ages were welcome. For more information, contact us at

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