About the 10A Crescent Project

The Friends of the Greenbelt Museum Board (FOGM) and museum staff are hard at work planning the transformation of 10A Crescent (the home on the right in the photo) from a residence to a Visitor and Education Center. The new center will be established at 10A Crescent, the unit next door to the Museum’s historic house.


The former home of the Dwyer family, long-time residents of Greenbelt, 10A Crescent is directly next door to the Museum's historic house. The City of Greenbelt purchased the home in early 2016 and FOGM is currently fundraising so that the transformation can begin.

Future Site of the the Greenbelt Museum Visitor and Education Center

Transforming 10A

In 2017, FOGM shared a request for proposals from area design and architecture firms to help with planning the new Greenbelt Museum Education and Visitor Center. After interviews and careful deliberation, the FOGM Board decided to enlist the help of the Neighborhood Design Center. Long established in Baltimore, the nonprofit now has an office in Prince George’s County in nearby Hyattsville. Board and staff were impressed with their willingness to engage the surrounding community in the design process and to be open-minded and creative as the process progresses, especially given the challenges of the 10A project. Trying to fit a visitor center, exhibit space, archives, offices and a gift shop in a typically-sized Greenbelt Homes Incorporated-house will not be easy! This part of the 10A project is supported by an operating assistance grant from the Maryland Department of Housing & Community Development, one of several grants we have received.

The Neighborhood Design Center has created plans and renderings based on feedback from Museum staff, the FOGM Board, and many other stakeholders. This portion of the project was funded by a grant awarded to FOGM from the Maryland State Department of Housing and Community Development. The plans detail creative solutions to challenges inherent in transforming a residence into a public facility.


For instance, NDC suggests establishing an ADA-compliant main entrance that is accessible to all on the garden-side of the house. The 10A garage will be converted into a film room, so that visitors can view our short orientation film without being disturbed by subsequently arriving visitors or groups. The former living room will be an exhibit hall and the kitchen and dining room will be combined into one large learning lab, which will allow groups more space for hands-on educational exploration. They also propose changes to the upstairs to create a larger space for the research room and staff offices.


For more information about our fundraising efforts or how to get involved, please contact Museum Director, Megan Searing Young, at 301-507-6582 or director@greenbeltmuseum.org. To receive regular updates on the project, join our email list by clicking here

Visitor Information

Historic House


The Greenbelt Museum Historic House is closed until further notice.

10B Crescent Rd.

Greenbelt, MD 20770

Open Sundays 1-5 pm

Admission $5 or under

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Exhibition Gallery


Lenore Thomas Straus Exhibit

Greenbelt Community Center

15 Crescent Rd. 

Greenbelt, MD 20770

Open M-Sat 9am-10pm, 

Sundays 10am-7pm

Greenbelt Museum Office

15 Crescent Road

Greenbelt, Maryland 20770



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Preserving and sharing the New Deal history of an experimental planned community built by FDR in suburban Maryland in 1937 and still thriving today.