2019 Retro Town Fair

godbole rtf 2019.jpg

Historic House Grounds

10 Crescent Road

Greenbelt, MD 20770

As a part of our Greenbelt Labor Day festivities, the Greenbelt Museum holds a Retro Town Fair on the grounds of the Historic House at 10B Crescent. Our Retro Town Fair is much like those the earliest Greenbelters enjoyed starting in 1939. Ribbons are awarded for the best entries in a number of categories: flowers, vegetables, baked goods, canned goods and needlework/sewing. We also have a "Legacy" handcraft category welcoming items that are heirloom handcrafts made by an entrant, or by a family member, more than 10 years ago. Legacy items are displayed inside 10A Crescent and are not judged as they are exhibit only. 

photo (left): Crafting Grand Champion (Glass art) Pragati Godbole

2019 Retro Town Fair Gallery 

In the gallery: Retro Town Fair at 10A; Canned goods; JoEllen Sarff and Donna Peterson with their Grand Champion baked goods; "Dr.Who" dress created by Caitlin Cummings; Evelyn Crellin with her Grand Champion advent calendar; bread and butter pickles by Theresa Henderson; award-winning cookies; crochet bird and doll clothes by Kim Keys; and a Grand Champion floral arrangement by Helen Sydabar.

Retro Town Fair Winners

Read our full list of winners HERE or click on the graphic!

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